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Navstar Vehicle Tracking

Real-time vehicle and asset tracking, Driver ID telemetry and HD dash-cam systems


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It is essential for every business to optimise the use of their company vehicles or fleets. NavStar gives you the peace of mind that your fleet is working at its maximum capacity, but lowest cost. Tracking your vehicles is also a good deterrent preventing theft and can help recover vehicles if they are stolen


  • A reduction in fuel expenditure
  • Improved customer service, less churn
  • Provide realtime ETA's to customers
  • Monitor traffic - Avoid traffic jams
  • Enhancement in driving behaviour, leading to higher safety standards and less accidents
  • Maximised revenues from an optimised workforce
  • Reduction in speeding fines
  • Easier driver messaging
  • Immediate visibility of business-critical events will enhance response times, improving customer service and reducing churn


- Track any vehicle for as little as £9.00 per month Ex.Vat

- Our Self-fit trackers start at only £69 Ex.Vat


Visit our Vehicle and Asset tracking website for detailed information on our tracking products & Services


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Real Time Vehicle Tracking Systems

Pinpoint accuracy offering you complete control of your assets... NavStar offers you absolute control to reduce costs and improve your efficiency.


Forward facing drive record camera with tamperproof storage and automatic event footage upload.

NavStar LiveCam

Live mobile CCTV streaming and remote historic footage retrieval ready for FORS accreditation

NavStar ID

Know who is operating at all times

Thinkware Dash Cams

Never miss a thing...capture every moment on the road!