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O2 Business Mobile Plans

Our Latest Mobile Business Plans - 4G & 5G



34 years ago we chose O2 as our network of choice, and with O2 winning USwitch Best Network Coverage 2021, it's a choice we stand by. 

- Winners Four Years in a Row


Tariff Options

  • Sim Only Deals
  • Business
  • 5G & Mobile Data 

Say Hello to Flexible Business Tariffs

  • New and upgrading customers can flex up or down on Small Business and Business Essentials (After 30 days of connecting/upgrading)
  • On Sim Only, Mobile Broadband or Small Business Data Only tariffs can flex up and down, but cannot move below their orignal contract length
  • A range of contract lengths are availble: From 30 Days to 3 Years
  • 30 Day rolling contracts are available across our digital products (products like Microsoft 365)

 Introducing Data Rollover

Great Value - Tariffs now include Data Rollover, so data does not go to waste. Any unused data is rolled over to the next month. Giving you more time to use your data, so you can keep what you've already paid for, for a bit longer.

Easy to Use - You don't need to opt-in or sign up. It's automatic.

It's available on the following tariffs (from 6GB and above): Small Business, Sim Only, Mobile Broadband, Data Only and Shared Data bundles


O2 Tariff Inclusions Guide

  • Unlimited calls within the UK & EU (excludes premium rate numbers and directory enquiries).
  • 2000 minutes or texts for calls to the EU from the UK (tariff dependent).
  • Unlimited texts
  • Unlimited voicemail.
  • Call rate to the EU from the UK is £1.25p.
  • 4G/5G data allowance is tariff dependent.
  • Guaranteed loan phone or replacement in the event of failure or breakdown subject to being supplied by us and manufacturers warranty terms and conditions apply.
  • Dedicated account management to ensure support during your tenure.

O2 Rest of the World Charges

  • You now get 500MB of data with 300 minutes & texts in zone 1 for £7.50p per day.
  • You get 50MB of data only in zones 4 & 5 for £7.50p per day.
  • You may opt to have 1 or 2 of the above allowances per day whilst away or simply have as many as you want with the cap removed totally. You must advise us of your requirement?
  • You can also receive 5GB of data and 3000 minutes or texts in zone 1 for £99.00p per month.
  • You can get 500MB of data only in zones 4 & 5 for £99.00p.
  • Yet again you can opt to have as many of these as you like subject to notifying us.



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