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VoIP, SIP Trunks & Leased Lines

Futureproof your phone system with Cloud Systems & High Speed Lines


We can supply your business with Sip Trunks and Wireless Leased Lines, mega fast fibre internet, directly to your property.

In addition, we can supply you with all the latest Panasonic and Gigaset Voip desk and dect telephone handsets to use on your new system.  


What is a SIP Trunk? (Session Initiation Protocol)

SIP Trunks allow you to send and recieve calls via the internet. 

SIP Trunking is our standards based replacement for the traditional Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). It connects your businesses telephone system (PBX) to the public switched telephone network via broadband, ethernet or private circuit into our national network. Our SIP Trunks work seamlessly with each of the leading IP business telephone brands in the UK market.

SIP Trunks connect your business with our nationwide network, gives access to the public switched telephone network and provides a more flexible and lower cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound voice calls.

That's great, so can I get it for my business?

Any business with a PBX can switch to our SIP trunking service and immediately benefit from a more flexible, less expensive and more resilient phone service.

The benefits of SIP Trunks

Compared to ISDN our SIP trunking service is less costly per channel and more flexible in how and where geographic telephone numbers can be used. It’s also quicker to install and provision and, as standard, it delivers extremely robust business continuity. The service can support connections ranging from two channels for small PBX-equipped businesses to an unlimited number of channels for large enterprises and contact centres. • Save money on call costs and line rental • Free internal calls and great features • Scale up and down when you want • Built-in Business Continuity • Compatible with Microsoft® Lync 2013™


Wireless Leased Line

Invest in innovation, without the premium price tag attached. Our leased lines offer businesses excellent security, realiability, SLA (Service Level Agreement) Support and uncontended/guaranteed bandwidth with capacities from 50Mb up to 1000Mb. 


What is a Leased line?

A leased line is dedicated high speed internet data connection which is installed directly to your premises from the local exchange so there is no loss in speed. Whilst traditional broadband is not a dedicated connection between your premises and the local exchange. It is variable bandwidth, asymmetric, meaning faster for downloads than for uploads, and subject to contention with other users.


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