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Onboard 4G Vehicle WIFI devices

Portable 4G Vehicle WIFI devices for your Coach or Minibus, designed and made in UK

"Beam" Vehicle Wifi from Mobile Onboard

"BEAM" automotive routers enable vehicle mobile network connectivity, passenger WiFi and vehicle tracking. Your vehicles fitted with BEAM become smart vehicles. While our suite of BEAM services offer additional services including 4G data plans, depot Wi-Fi, onboard systems integration, next stop announcements, and real-time passenger information.


There are currently two models which perform different features.

The XPRESSi  - Ultra-compact automotive router offers out-of-the-box connectivity with minimal configuration. With 4G/LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi and GNSS/GPS the BEAM XPRESSi is an impressive internet and location tracking solution for vehicles.

The iSERIES - The onboard Wi-Fi system to connect everything, Passenger Wi-Fi, Real-time passenger info, Infotainment & CCTV, Live vehicle tracking, Smart ticket machines and Smart ticketing & contactless payments

 Download the datasheets below for the BEAM XPRESSi & iSERIES models.


BEAM iSeries - Bus and automotive Wi-Fi routers 1,36 MB BEAM XPRESSi - Ultra-compact Wi-Fi and tracking for vehicles 559,56 KB

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